Month: March 2010

What’s Happ’ning

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Ivy Leaguer or Gouster?

A Gouster’s style was dress-casual. He wore lose fitting, almost baggy clothes. His fine wool, alpaca and mohair sweater had three buttons at the neck, with a lazy, turned down collar. Pants with two pleats at the waist left a little room in the leg so that a Gouster could pimp.

Give Us Some Flavor!

When did we become so complacent that we will eat anything frozen or from a can that popular chain restaurants serve up to us? At astronomical prices, no less. The other night my husband and I paid $60 for dinner.…

When Music Was *Music!*

Rufus, featuring Chaka Khan, was true perfection. In the days before studio singers and synthesized voices, she could blow the roof off of a building. One day I will tell you about the love affair my generation had with Chaka…

March is Women’s History Month

You’ve come a long way, baby. Obviously so far that women feel it’s okay to retain no memories of the strides that were made so that Nancy Pelozi could become Speaker of the House or that Sonia Sotomayor could be…

Sudden Acceleration in a Toyota

The experts offer the following advice: If the gas pedal is stuck part of the way down, applying the brakes should be enough to slow the car down and bring it under control. Don’t pump the brakes, though. That will just weaken your power brakes. Instead, press and

Baby Boomers Are An Amazing Network

Did you know there is wallpaper that makes it appear that you are storing a Bentley or a Cessna in your garage? Posters that go on like wallpaper make passersby think they are actually looking inside your garage–$399 for a