Month: June 2010

Old School Music of the Day

The album became one of the most memorable soul albums and, based upon its themes, the concept album became the frontier for soul music. It has been called “the most important and passionate record to come out of soul music, delivered by one of its finest voices”.”

Six Sweet Potato Vines

I have identified 6. All of which I have planted in my garden or in surrounding pots. The lime green colored one that we all love is the most beautiful

Whoopi Goldberg Mansion

Last month I brought you the home of superstar, Patti LaBelle. I’m ending June with the manse of the legendary actress, comedian, talk show hostess, and Academy Award winner, Ms. Whoopi Goldberg. It is gratfying to see guests come on…

New Atlanta Eatery

Edible, comfort classics include slow-cooked pot roast and country fried steak/chicken/catfish. Sides include stewed tomatoes, squash casserole, and mashed potatoes & gravy.

Fish Ain’t Bitin’

This song is off of an album, Out Here On My Own, that singer, songwriter, Lamont Dozier first recorded in 1974. While this song references Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon, the issues are still relevant in 2010, maybe even more so…

Today’s Thoughts

How inappropriate is it when people friend you on Facebook and you never hear from them again? They stay out there like voyeurs, reading your status, eavesdropping on your comments, and looking at your latest pictures. Your first inclination is…

What’s Happ’ning

If you get by any of these shows drop us an email review to share with the Wild Child Community. All reviews will be credited to you. More Donna Summer gigs at More Teena Marie gigs at More…