Grey’s Anatomy’s Shonda Rhimes, hits or misses?

I admire this talented writer/creator’s sentiment that, “People treat you as you tell them to treat you.” However the world, for most African Americans, is not as cut and dried as it is for Shonda Rhimes. It seems that she is used to a world where there are so many black men to go around that we can share them with all of our multicultural sisters. That is probably happening, realistically, but escapism t.v. is supposed to provide an outlet for a sister, not rub it in.

My Favorite Things

Esperanza Spalding “New Voice of Jazz”

Already Esperanza Spalding has created buzz among the more creative of the music community and her Grammy award will do much to encourage them to express their own individuality, stay true to their calling, and be recognized on their own merits. Maybe it’s time for talent again. Maybe 13 years olds don’t dictate musical success.


When Music Was *Music!*

Brenda Holloway’s career with Motown was another example of studio execs placing a talented star on the back burner while they developed the stars predicted to have the most crossover appeal. By the time The Supremes arrived Brenda Holloway was leaving.

Listen to this great music by a legend, and if you’re at work, don’t dance to hard in your chair.


Boomacious Fashions!

Who wants to be the designer to the Boomers? I was able to cull out a few trends that will work for the Boomacious as we strive to remain relevant in a society that still doesn’t get it. Boomers have more disposable income than any generation and maybe we’d spend some of it if we could find a pair of comfortable shoes!