2013, a “Whole New World!”

Boomacious woman 2
Thankfully the Mayan calendar was off and their prediction for the end of the world didn’t occur on December 21.

I subscribe to the belief that the Mayans’ “end of the world” meant the end of the world as we know it, and the beginning of a whole new world. Global warming is impacting the geographical and topographical climate and changing the world’s earthly appearance. The world is becoming a hotbed of storms, catastrophes, and strange occurrences. Maybe this new Mayan world will find men working and praying earnestly to repair it.

President Barack Obama, against all odds, all money, political power, and extreme hatred, has won a second term. Could the end of a polarized, alienated, and capitalistic United States of America be at hand? Maybe the world, as Americans know it, is on the way to becoming a more socially conscious place to live. At the end of the day, aren’t we all just trying to live as well as we can before we die? How many planes can we own? How many houses can one man live in? How many dollars can a man hoard before he has to look around and realize that he is his brother’s keeper?

Our world is not crazy, but there are sick people in it. Maybe the beginning of the new Mayan world means that instead of ignoring them, we identify them and get them the help they need. Mentally ill people aren’t going to tell you they have crazy thoughts because they want to fit in! Our society ostracizes the mentally ill. So, they are going to marry you, go to school with you, and work at your job. Let’s insist that America spend money to treat them instead of bandaging them up and discharging them without the proper medication and followup.

God has layered the world in so many mysteries and with so many planes that none of us can say the world didn’t end on December 21, 2012! Maybe we dissolved into a new plane of consciousness where God is seeking those who will speak out, embrace their fates, and strive to help build this new world. In 2013, I will help build a new world and create a personal world that He can be proud to hold in His hands! Happy New Year! Happy New World!

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