Top Three Sports Cars for Women

A lot of ladies are planning their next sports car purchase. These cars are no longer the exclusive property of men. Women are loving everything about these high-performance machines, and for all of you ladies out there, here are the three best sports cars for women.
Top Pick in Best Sports Cars for Women – Nissan 370Z


Coaches Dorothy Dawson and Dorothy Gaters, Phenomenal Women

I conclude Black History Month with a salute to two women who have gone above and beyond their duty to help raise generations of girls through sports in the Chicagoland area. The first of these two women is Dorothy Dawson: former teacher, Dean and ssistant principal of Dunbar High School in Chicago. The second is Ms. Dorothy Gaters, Girls Basketball Coach at John Marshall High School, Chicago.

My Favorite Things

Whatever Happened to Our Black Neighborhoods?

Something tragic happened to the old black neighborhoods where I grew up in the 60’s. In those days, most of the businesses up and down 31st and 35th Streets, from King Dr. (South Park) to Michigan were owned by our neighbors. There was a drycleaner and a hardware store, both owned by the parents of kids I went to school with. The Griffins owned the funeral home on 33rd Street.

On warm summer mornings, we’d sit on the stomp in front of our house and watch the watermelon man go by on his horsedrawn wagon,