Wedding BellsMy youngest daughter is engaged to be married next Spring. We are fond of her fiance and know that the two of them love each other and will be very happy together. As a mother, I had always hoped for the wedding day—but not the things that go with it. For weeks now, the conversation between my youngest and me has centered on wedding prep. After a cursory inquiry into my day and the health of her dad and me, it goes to wedding and stays there.

I keep telling myself that this time next year, the wedding will have passed and I will have my life back. Who knew that the bride-to-be had to order her dress at least eight months in advance? Yes! So, this morning, I’ve managed to stretch and bend the old body into shape for my command presence at two wedding trunk shows. One will take place at Macy’s and the other several (public transportation) blocks away at Nordstrom.

I have to drive from my suburban home to downtown Chicago and meet my two daughters to begin the happy hunt for a wedding dress. While there, I pray to be shown styles for the “Mother of the Bride” dress and get that taken care of ‘toot suite’. I know it’s not wise but I want to get my dress a size or two smaller than I wear so that I will be forced to lose weight to fit into it or not go to the wedding. Ha!

The three of us will hop buses to get from one store to the other. Fun-fun! I’m not as young as I used to be and sometimes the girls can look at me with such pity when I hold up the show. I’ll post pictures of the day tomorrow.

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