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Who is the Boomacious woman! It’s a woman who is so fabulously happy to transition into the second phase of her life that even God is excited for her. A Boomacious woman embraces her age, weight, relationship status, health, and never allows them to stop her progress. She doesn’t care what people think, or what they do. She has learned to live and let live. That is Boomacious!

This blog is dedicated to this woman!

The Boomacious woman is an entrepreneur, a leader in her field, and she provides care for her senior parents! She makes daily decisions about housing, automobiles, and investments for herself and members of her multi-generational family.

A Boomacious man is rugged, adventurous, and stylish! He still the man he was in the 70’s and 80’s, but now he’s ready to share the weight with generations Y and X. “Boomacious”, the blog, allows Baby Boomers to define themselves by identifying new trend and keeping tabs on those things they’ve grown to love and appreciate.

Join us as we explore literature, lifestyles, entertainment, technology, and travel. We’re eager to hear from you! Send all correspondence to lyn@boomacious.com.

Stay healthy! Stay stylish! Stay inspired!

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