Diving In “Made in America”

Made in America

ABC World News anchor, Diane Sawyer ended her program the night after the President’s State of the Union Address with a reminder to,”Stay tuned, we will do this together.”

What Diane Sawyer wants us to stayed tuned for is a new segment soon to begin and air for several weeks on her program. The segment will feature a family furnishing their home with only American made products.

“Join us in the coming weeks where we will watch an American family buy a house and only furnish it with products made in America.”

This is going to be “interesting as hell”. Prior to promoting this new segment, Diane ran a clip and asked viewers to look at a room full of furniture and determine, “how much of this was made in America”.

President Barack Obama said in his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, that he wanted to, “Make and create products that are sold all over the world with three little words, “Made in America”.  The President also told us that the story of America is this: “We Do Big Things!”

Buying American products and helping to get this country back on its feet is a big thing, but it can be done! Americans pride themselves on being independent thinkers, and we love to buy from all over the world. But for a few minutes, we need to stop and reflect on how much could be accomplished, if for once, regardless of political parties, we could think alike.

According to ABC World News if we all spent $3.33 on an American product each year, we could create 10,000 new jobs. This is something I can do! I can make a conscious decision to look at labels and spend an additional $3.33 on only American products. Heck, I can spend an additional $33.33 each month on stuff that is made in America, to tell the truth!

The Republicans are enjoying a season of disrespect and disregard for the office of the President of the United States. Barack Obama is electrifying, fresh, and full of hope. Yet, he stands almost alone! Where are all of his former supporters? They are too quiet. Hence, the Republicans have instituted a campaign of tear down that is alarming. To move our country forward, politicians, elected to office, can’t be allowed to vote and act as if they are autonomous. They must truly represent the people and not the party.

Americans stepped outside their parties to elect people they believed would operate in Washington in ways that represented and benefited them. If that representation means competitively taxing corporations that choose to take jobs from Americans and move those jobs to foreign countries in order to make billions of dollars for board members, at the expense of the American people, then senators and congressmen must vote the sentiment of their constituents or be voted out of office.

Angry Americans must redirect their anger and make it productive. Black Baby Boomer women can start with $3.33 and try to buy as many quality products that are made in America as we can. The President said that the state of the union is strong in the face of tough challenges, but there is deep uncertainty about our future.

American workers are in trouble. Let’s get behind “Made in America”. African American Baby Boomer women, let’s support each other and create jobs for those of us who want to preserve the only law and land we know!

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