Diving In

diving in

Drive  will help you to reach your life goals

Do you have a dream to be successful one day. Have you identified your talent? Is there something you do so well you could do it in your sleep. Friends have said, “I wish I did that as well as you.”

Do you bake the best cakes or pies in your family? Can you design everything from muu-muus to wedding dresses? Do you write great poems or tell great stories? Can you add up figures in your head faster than anyone else? “Then do the math!” That’s the talent God has given you. How you choose to make it work is up to you.

That, as Oprah would say, is your passion. Maybe you’ve identified that passion but you don’t know how to bring it to fruition.

One young Harvard University student had a dream to connect friends across all college campuses and the idea grew. Facebook celebrated a milestone of 500 million users in 2010 because Mark Zuckerburg was driven.

Drive is what will help you to reach your life goals. Drive is what makes us read, study, go back to school, get another job, or move to another town in order to achieve our dreams. The facebook creator dropped out of Harvard to spend more time on his dream, and while that is extreme, it illustrates where drive will take you and what it will make you do.

Let’s go back to baking those cakes! If that were my talent, I’d be whipping up cakes and passing them out to the neighbors because I’d believe, through faith, that I was the new Mrs. Fields of cake baking. My daughters would be out in Jewel’s parking lot handing out flyers and placing them under the windshield wipers of all the cars. Just as the facebook creator stepped out on faith with his talent, so would I.

My faith has bolstered me and, now, I cannot fail. God promised that If we make one step, He’ll make two and so I believe that. God wants us to be actively, successfully going about His business and honoring that talent we’ve been blessed with.

Even a dream as simple as winning the lottery has to be acted upon. You can envision how you’ll spend your lotto winnings-giving ten percent to the church, placing a couple of million in each kid’s college fund and then spending the rest on your heart’s desires. But unless you’re driven to go out to purchase a ticket, then you’ll be dreaming your life away.

Decide to go that extra mile. Put in the time and the hard work, whatever your goal. If it’s what you love to do, the time will pass quickly. You’ll enjoy what you’re doing, and you’ll be successful.

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