Diving Into Life!

I make lists about twice a year, and when I’m attending church regularly, I place them on the alter. When I’m on hiatus, I sing and pray over the lists myself. These lists contain whatever it is I desire. They can be as selfish as cars for me and my family, or as sane as interceding for others, getting my bills paid off, success for our President and nation, you know the drill.

I believe we must speak these desires out loud and then trust and believe in a higher power to hear our requests and answer our prayers. My higher power is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. You can believe in what you will, but I pray that you do acknowledge some power. If not then you’re probably not going to hang out around here much. Anyway, let your particular power and spirit know what you need by asking for it boldly and believing it will be granted onto you.

I pull the lists out from time to time to see where I am. Sometimes prayers have been answered, making it possible for the new opportunities which have presented themselves, and I haven’t acknowledged yet because I’m preoccupied or because new needs have arisen. Sometimes I am busy living life, doing my thing, and expecting God to carry me. I believe that many things have come to pass for me just because God loved to see me unconsciously stepping out on faith.

Other times when I didn’t trust my heart or my God, I would watch someone else do the very thing I had plotted out in my head and then discarded as too far-fetched or crazy. The results yielded them success, well-being, or financial gain in an endeavor that I was too cautious or too hesitant to undertake.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for. It’s the evidence of things not yet seen. Doesn’t sound concrete, does it? That’s why the foundation of faith is trust. Songwriters say faith will move mountains and we all have mountains that need to be moved.

Right now on my list is finding a good church that is not a mega-church. I’d like to talk directly to my pastor from time to time and know that if I arrive a few minutes late, I’m going to get a seat. Next, I want grandchildren, but I’m not allowed to discuss that (2 women I know would kill me). I want strength to stick to a diet, a constant wish that I have never added to my lists before. Go figure!

Finally, I want this blog to find all of you well, living in faith, and becoming regular contributors to the conversations. That really is on my list!

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