Do you Cleanup for the Cleaning Ladies?

Supermaids rang my doorbell this morning. Totally unexpected! I hired this service about 5 months ago because I was getting a slew of health providers in and out of here while caring for my mother. At the time, a housekeeper kept her bedroom tidy, but no one was doing anything for me except getting my carpet dirty.

So, I called in Supermaids to get my home cleaned up and to keep it clean for visitors and friends who came by unexpectedly to see my mom. I arranged for Supermaids to come out every two weeks. This went on successfully for two additional appointments, but I missed their fourth visit by a ‘hair’. The dispatcher said they’d arrive between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm, so, I ran a quick errand and I swear I got back by 11:37, but I missed them.

When it came time for their fifth visit—Nothing! They didn’t show up. So, I figured they had canceled me because of the missed appointment. Imagine how surprised I was when they rang the bell this morning.

I ALWAYS pick-up for the cleaning ladies the night before they come. I try to explain to my husband that it’s not the same as cleaning up. I like to brush down the toilets and pick-up the clothes on the bedroom floor. Yes, after I’ve done these things the house does give the appearance of being clean, but these ladies do so much more.

Try to imagine me dusting. Neither can I! If I’m cleaning mirrors or the stove, my kids are asking, “Who’s coming?” Vacuuming the entire house, wall-to-wall, would take an hour alone.

This morning, Supermaids saw the real me. I ran ahead of the two women while they were taking off their shoes and hanging up their coats. They lagged behind, talking in Spanish and eyeballing.

“Look at the clutter. I bet she didn’t know we were coming.” Then laughter.
Well, I don’t speak Spanish, so I don’t really know what they were saying. I’m just imagining what I and a friend might have said.

To my credit, I had done some light cleaning a few days before so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. However bad, I still opened the door to some cleaning that I didn’t have to do myself. Would you have let them in? Do you pick up for the cleaning service? Why? Why not?

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