Enjoy Your Joe!

REPRINT: Coffee is the best thing that has ever happened to me in the mornings. Some of you love tea the same way and so I grant you the right. In fact, there is nothing we love that any other person has the right to declare wrong for African American Baby Boomer women. Over the years I’ve seen battles waged against chocolate, eggs, red meat, and other products, just to have scientists and researchers come back to vindicate them. For a long time, coffee was accused of a multitude of sins and we locked our beans up and threw away the key.

Today, coffee has been vindicated. Its DNA has been examined and brew has been determined “not guilty”. I am free to unleash the aroma, inhale the steam, and drink the heady flavors of  Columbian, Hazelnut, and Kona to my soul’s content.  I scoff at the slings and arrows of disapprovers.

Fox news has made it official with the video posted below. To view it, you will have to endure a brief Olive Garden Restaurant commercial until I find another source!

If you never stopped drinking coffee, as I never did, and you also performed your American duty by helping Starbucks and Caribou become stable, thriving businesses, let me know here and we’ll raise a cup together.

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