Esperanza Who? People may be asking now, but I guarantee this young lady is on her way to super stardom. Esperanza Spalding won’t be found with the Puff Daddies and the hip-hop nation. Her appeal will be more universal and will cross over generational and color lines.

Already Esperanza Spalding has created buzz among the more creative of the music community and her Grammy award will do much to encourage them to express their own individuality, stay true to their calling, and be recognized on their own merits. Maybe it’s time for talent again. Maybe 13 years olds don’t dictate musical success.

Ms. Spalding took up violin at 4 years old. By 15, the bass was her instrument of choice. She has appeared on David Letterman, and is on the faculty at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Congratulations Esperanza and thanks for showing young girls that they don’t have to hide their talent, dress like freaks, and draw on their bodies.

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