SuccessWhat I know for sure is that success is pretty straightforward. If any man or woman sets a goal and works toward it, the outcome will be successful ninety-five percent of the time. I dare two people to tell me that after setting a goal and giving it their all, they didn’t accomplish what they set out to do.

Some of you set goals a long time ago but you didn’t reach them and now, you’re going nowhere. You went to college or got advanced training in a popular field, but you’re working a job you don’t want and you aren’t happy. It’s time to pull out that old dusty goal from a while ago and try it again.

Setbacks and roadblocks occur more often than you may think. They will require you to change your course a time or two, or you may have to alter the goal a bit. Don’t worry—a little less, a little more isn’t going to hurt the overall goal once it’s firmly set.

I said before that ninety-five percent reach their goals. The five percent of people who don’t, get discouraged and give up before they attack their plan. You’ll notice I didn’t say, ‘they don’t work hard enough’. How hard you work isn’t really the point. Hard work, at anything worthwhile, is a given. But sometimes we spin our wheels or work too hard in the wrong direction.

The first step in goal attainment is having a vision? That vision has to manifest itself as a whole plan that you allow to unfold in your mind to the point that you see yourself performing the steps to reach your success and enjoying the celebration party.

Step number two is organizing or building your network. How does your network stand right now. Are there people who owe you favors, money, labor? These are people who can move you forward in reaching your goal. Make a list and begin to cold-call them. Sometimes talking to someone positive can encourage you. Also once you put it out there, you can’t pull it back because people are watching you.

Surround yourself with a cheerleader or two. Attaining a worthwhile goal will require some assistance. You’ll need that person who calls to ask about your progress and who can prod you to get out of your comfort zone when you’ve been stagnant too long. You need that friend who will listen to you over drinks or dinner.

Finally, identify your resource people. These are people who know something you don’t know, do something you can’t do, or have friends and connections who can move you ahead a step. Do you know people who have succeeded in doing whatever you desire to do? Don’t hesitate to ask for their help. Many successful people want to pay it forward and will be glad to help you in countless ways!

Change direction now! Become new! A professional who desires to become a boss shouldn’t spend too much time developing skills for the role they’re already in. Administration is a whole different animal and learning how to become a better underling isn’t going to help you become the boss. Begin to think like, dress like, and speak like who you are going to be. Don’t go off-course by spending too much time on something that has no direct impact on your goal. Accomplish your goal as quickly as possible. Then, move on and set new goals.

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