REPOST: As I post this, I have just viewed the Korean HERITAGE MASS CHOIR performing Richard Smallwood and Vision’s rendition of “Total Praise” at South Post Chapel’s Gospel Music Workshop on 5.31.14 on Yongsan Army Base.

I’m so proud of brother Richard Smallwood for carrying the mantle that God has placed upon his life. Richard has never faltered nor stumbled in his purpose. His calling is to do the will of God in his song ministry and God has rewarded him again with another Grammy Award nomination.

I am always amazed at the calibre of people God places in my life or allows me to be associated with, even if by six degrees of separation. My late brother, Sidney Burton, was a close friend of Richard Smallwood’s and was a member of the Metropolitan Church Choir where Richard was minister of music. Through this friendship my mother and I developed a vicarious relationship with Richard and we have followed him like groupies whenever he’s in our town. He has always been kind to me, inviting my mom and me backstage and taking the time to respond to my facebook inbox messages.

Richard took to his facebook page a couple of weeks ago to post, “I’ve been nominated for another Grammy….Best Gospel Song for “Trust Me”…WOW!!! What a great birthday gift!! To God be the glory!!!” “It’s because of your love and support that I continue to do what I do. You all are great, and I can’t thank you enough for all the love down through the years. To God be the glory!!!”

Please enjoy my Sunday Artist, people. He is the gifted and multi-talented, Mr. Richard Smallwood.

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