If It Cost You Too Much…

by Je’Niece McCollough
(Notes from  Gen X)

Do not offer or give anything – be it time, money, help, your love or affection, etc. – if you expect to receive anything in return! When you expect to receive something in return for exchange of your services, you have just put yourself up for sale, and you will undoubtedly be disappointed because your purchase price will not be as high as you expected. Then, you will become resentful and bitter, left feeling the need to remind everyone of what you have done, or how much you have given up.

Here’s a clue: more times than not, you were not asked to give up as much as you did, and if you were, you had the option of saying “No”. So, do yourself and everyone else a favor and stop parading your lack of love by allowing yourself to be taken advantage of. If it costs you too much, you probably shouldn’t be giving it.

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