I’m So Excited!

Last week, my 31 year old daughter blessed me with the highest compliment. She shared a post I had written about rapper Heavy D on her facebook page. “When Did You Fall In Love With Hip-hop” resonated with her and she wanted to share it with her generation. With her endorsement, my readership shot up by 50%.

Now, I am blessed to have another fabulous Gen X’er, Je’Niece McCullough, consent to write and publish her thoughts for this blog. You’re going to find that Je’Niece’s thoughts are representative of her generation and we Boomers can learn much. She touches on every emotion and she deals with each honestly and bravely.

It just doesn’t get any better than this. This generation has so much to share with us and together, we can help each other achieve our goals. My goal is to have a lucrative , creative hobby in retirement. Their goal is to be all that they can be, and to do all they can do with the world we’re leaving them. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Please read our younger sister’s posts and tell your daughters that The Wild Child isn’t just about older women, but that it is about all W-O-M-E-N!!!! Forward these posts to all the women you know. Just click at the bottom of each to send posts to your facebook friends. Let’s begin a dialogue that will bring about unity and change in the way women of every generation educate each other.

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