Keri Hilson sang the Star Spangled Banner at last week’s Hawks vs Lakers game in ATL. She forgot some of the words, and it caused me to wonder if our youths are paying attention to the importance of traditions like knowing the national anthem.

Pay attention the next time you’re at an event and you’ll see that it’s the older adults who are really singing the lyrics to “Lift Every Voice and Sing”. Please be patient. The You Tube recording does stop, but it picks up after a few seconds so that you do hear the blooper.

In her defense, Keri tweeted:
“YES I bloopered 1st time bt OF COURSE I know words 2 Anthem!! My in-ear pack goin in/out distractd me BIGTIME & almost sang 1st vs ovr..Front view would show me fidgetng w/ it whole time & at “broad stripes & bright stars” I finally took ears out & tuckd in jacket lol!!…& I’m not sad 1 bit!! I def gave April Fools smthn 2 talk about but hey, I’d rather kill it & stumble on 3 words than sound bad hehe” OH yea! My next Ntn’l Anthem’s DEF airing!! Catch Red Sox/Yankees game this (Easter) Sunday!! I’d love for everybody to catch TAKE 2!!!

The Wild Child asks: What is your opinion? Is it that kids aren’t paying attention or has the deletion of a music requirement from some public school curricula meant that no one is teaching these important traditions?

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