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Relax everybody. It’s handled! So Kerry Washington didn’t win the Emmy. What did she lose? Not a doggone thing. Her multitude of faithful Gladiators going to stop marching to the beat of this incredible program? NOT!

Kerry, aka Olivia Pope, knows that the Emmy’s, just like everything else Hollywood, is political and tainted by favoritism. In her fans’ opinion Kerry Washington can perform rings around Claire Danes, who I can’t imagine as Olivia Pope, but I can imagine Kerry Washington bringing fire to Danes’ role as intelligence officer Carrie Mathison on the show, ‘Homeland’.

It never fails that these big award shows get it wrong. That’s why I am inspired by people like Tyler Perry who make their own history and win recognition with box office receipts. Say what you want about ‘Madea’ (didn’t we always call our grandmothers Mu’Dear), Tyler Perry is laughing all the way to the bank while providing a much needed venue for talented yet unrecognized Hollywood actors. Shonda Rhimes and Kerry Washington, through ‘Scandal’, are providing a vehicle for actors to shine on major network television while Claire Danes shines only on syndicated Showtime, watched by only a few.
kerry and Shinda
Claire Danes is a talented actress, but let’s not turn her into a Merle Streep. Just because she’s nominated doesn’t mean she has to win just by virtue of her name. HOLLYWOOD, stop shutting out those who are deservingly talented!

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