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If you love shoes, The New York Times captured what can only be described as shoe eye-candy! “Over the top” shoes took center stage last week and guess what? They weren’t on the runway. Times photographer, Bill Cunningham, age 83, photographs fashionable people and the fashion scene on the streets of Manhattan everyday.

Click on the clip below to see what he captured when he photographed women arriving at the shows for New York’s Fashion Week.

Mr. Cunningham’s street photography took off after taking a chance street photograph of Greta Garbo. Then, in December 1978, he published a group of impromptu pictures in the Times which soon became a regular series.

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Check out the fashionista here with open toe slings.

Designer Oscar de la Renta has said of Bill, “More than anyone else in the city, he has the whole visual history of the last 40 or 50 years of New York. It’s the total scope of fashion in the life of New York.”

In 2010, filmmakers Richard Press and Philip Gefter of the Times produced “Bill Cunningham New York” a documentary about Cunningham and what he does. They rented a tricycle to follow 83 year old Cunningham as he traveled through Manhattan by bicycle. The film was released on March 16, 2011.

While Bill made an appearance at the premier, it was an unlikely one. He remained on the street photographing famous people and socialites as they went into the theater.

At 83, Mr. Cunningham is still “on the street”.

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