I own a 2000 Toyota Avalon. Yeah, I still drive it and I love it. Since I’ve never had a moment of trouble from it, I would have recommended a Toyota to anyone looking for safety and comfort. While l love my Avalon, I’m no fool and I never, say never.

The models that are experiencing the trouble have been the ones made in 2003 and beyond. Yet, what do I do if my 2000 Toyota should ever develop a mind of its own and decide to become a run away car.

The experts offer the following advice: If the gas pedal is stuck part of the way down, applying the brakes should be enough to slow the car down and bring it under control. Don’t pump the brakes, though. That will just weaken your power brakes. Instead, press and hold the brakes. Also, at the same time, you can shift the transmission into neutral, which will stop the engine from driving the wheels. Watch the following video from the folks at Consumer Reports.

If you notice a problem where your gas pedal begins to feel sticky, stop driving immediately, Toyota says. Pull over in a safe place, then call a dealer and have them come get your car.

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