SuggsI’m super excited about Super Bowl 47 for a few reasons. First, San Francisco 49er’s linebacker, Terrell Suggs, is the son of our longtime friend and neighbor. Next, who doesn’t love the Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle, Michael Oher. Third the game takes place in my favorite American city for food and music, and finally the halftime festivities will bring together the most provocatively talented girl group in history, Destiny’s Child. Move over and pass the chicken wings!!!

Terrell Suggs. You gotta love him! Yesterday he arrived at the press conferences and interviews with very little to say. Quite the contradiction to what the reporters were anticipating. Terrell, known for his verbal antics, this time seemed intent on remaining low key and professional. His only note-worthy comment was to correct a reporter on the pronunciation of his first name. Seems his mama liked the hard accent on the second syllable “Ter ‘rell) and not the first one.


Ever since Quinton Aaron, big lovable teddy bear, portrayed Michael Oher in “The Blind Side”, I’ve wished our family had cared enough to adopt a homeless child. The Michael Oher story is being enhanced by a side story featuring a linebacker for the 49er’s, Oher’s long time friend and fellow University of Mississippi teammate, Patrick Willis.

Patrick Willis was also adopted and raised by a white couple, Chris and Julie Finley, when he was 17. The two athletes met for the first time as teammates at Ole Miss and have become lifelong friends. Sunday they will both play in the Super Bowl and both will think of the white foster and adoptive parents that took a chance on them.

willisThe third reason I’m excited is that football is continuing its tradition of bringing the Super Bowl to New Orleans, Louisiannna and that is helping the city to continue its recovery. Truthfully, New Orleans has a lot of catching up before making a full comeback. Many of the businesses, clubs, and restaurants in the French Quarter are still boarded up. The sidewalks are treacherous to maneuver at night because of big holes, and quality talent is not always present on the jazz scene.

The food, however, continues to please. Some of my favorites are right in the French Quarter. They are Deanie’s Seafood on Iberville Street, Oceana Grill on Conti Street, and the Red Fish Grill on Bourbon St. All are 5 star dining experiences.

For a full dining experience that includes white table clothes, a waiter for every table, and a three-piece jazz combo, try The Court of Two Sisters on Royal St. Their shrimp and grits, seafood gumbo, and seared duck breast a la ‘orange are all tasty. Lunch menu provides a buffet which allows you to taste everything, but it’s not cheap.

Lastly, I have to tell you I wasn’t too happy about the whole Beyonce, lip-syncing ordeal. It gave me a “Vanessa Williams disqualified as Miss America” moment. I couldn’t accept that Bey had reneged on her promise to Michelle Obama to “bring it.” She did it so well, even to the point of snatching out her earpiece like it was really interfering with her singing.

I had always expected her halftime performance to be high energy, but now, I know she is going to try to kill herself, and she is going to work Kelly and Michelle until their tongues hang out.

[Oops! A source tells me that Michelle Williams just shared that she knows nothing about a Destiny’s Child reunion at the Super Bowl. She says that this is just ramblings from the press. Well I’ve heard these ramblings and they even quote the playlist the girls are supposed to sing. I’ll get back to you!]

You see why I’m ready to party “Super Bowl Style” from the comfort of my own home so I can rewind any plays that the networks don’t see fit to show me again, and I can hit replay to look in Beyonce’s mouth if I even think she’s lip-syncing any of the words. Best of all, I don’t even care who wins since The Bears aren’t playing.

Are you watching Super Bowl 47? Where? Do you care that Beyonce lip-synced? Why or why not?

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