The Lazy Woman’s Post

UntitledToday’s post is written to keep my promise to blog for 14 days straight. I’ve just pulled a 9 to 5:30 at church. This doesn’t happen often because I’m a one Sunday service kind of girl. Get in, get out, done! I won’t even attempt to search for a topic that requires much thought. I will just share an observation.

This afternoon we celebrated Annual Men’s Day at the church. That means the women sit out and only the men take active roles. The men prepared and served a delicious breakfast at 8:00 a.m. During our main worship at 11 o’clock one of the men even read the church announcements (that is a sacred female role in the black baptist church).

In the afternoon, the men prepared dinner of roast chicken, meatballs, rib tips, salad, mac and cheese, and cake. Yeah, that menu is a little lopsided. However, it was prepared with love and pride and we women ate it like it was our last meal.

Two gentlemen that I attended church with as youths returned to our church over the last two years and they have become very active. It is inspiring to watch the changes in their lives.

One served a short stint in prison and the other, if not in prison, left our state and had not been heard from for many years. At 3:00 p.m. they both had solos with the Men’s Day Choir. There were many songs this afternoon, but the ones sung by these guys meant so much to us because of who they were. They’re not perfect, nobody is, and a lot of their speech is still “street”.

I try to stay close to them and each Sunday I make sure to tell them how much I appreciate what they do around the church! Of course this evening was no different. I truly did enjoy their singing!


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