wayneNothing gets the ole juices flowing like indignation and this morning, I am indignant. Lil’ Wayne has just rapped that he would like to have sex with a woman as roughly and violently as what was done to Emmett Till.

News One reported that these thoughts were in lyrics leaked on the internet from a new rap song Wayne recorded with the artist, “Future”. These lyrics were listened to by members of Emmett Till’s family this week and they are mortified, hurt, and disgusted.
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Rev. Jesse Jackson entered into the fray, engaging Epic Records’s CEO, L. A. Reid and together they called the Till family to assure them that these lyrics would not be in the song when it is released. So far, no apology or phone call from lil’ wayne who I will refer to in small letters from now on.

This leads me to a few thoughts. One, when we see this “big baller” we need to know that underneath the money, the private planes, the tv award shows, and the accolades from fellow stars, he is just another miseducated, ghetto thug who knows nothing about where he came from.

If lil’ wayne can’t relate to the hurt and devastation experienced by colored people who cried with Mrs. Till over the mutilation of her child’s body because the 14 year old whistled at a white woman, then he is too ignorant to be referenced by any of us going into the future.

Second, what kind of man, black or white talks about having the kind of sex with a woman that would tear up her body like Emmett Till’s. This child’s eyes were gouged out. His body was wrapped in barbed wire (kinda like what lil’ wayne has on his teeth) and tied to a huge industrial fan that would cause him to sink, and thrown into the Tallahatchie River. What kind of man would want to have sex like that? Not one who likes women!

Finally, it makes me wonder if any of these newly minted millionaire, billionaire stars knows anything about history. Do they know that D’Jango did not exist? “Niggas” were just beaten, mutilated, hung, castrated, raped, and whipped with NO relief.

There was no justice. We BELONGED to these people. They separated families for profit. They owned us. There is no way Kanye West could have even looked at Kim Kardashian. Ice Tea plays a tough cop on tv but there is no way he could have starred in “Ice Tea Loves Coco” on public tv during those times.

If you don’t know better then you won’t do better. I made it a point to educate all of my students as well as my own children about who we are and where we come from. Black Pride has to be instilled. History has to be observed and celebrated. If not, then these new uneducated, no background millionaires will lead our children to extinction.


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2 Replies to “This Baby Boomer is Furious Over lil’ wayne’s insult to Emmett Till”

  1. I’m amazed at how these ‘millionaires’ have no knowledge or appreciation for what black people endured to lay the foundation for the rights they take for granted, today. I think lil wayne should be forced to learn about black history and create a rap that shares what he learned. I don’t think it’s enough for L.A. Reid to apologize to the Till Family.

    1. More Baby Boomers should have been storytellers. We certainly knew the stories. Instead, we may have taught them more about entitlement and that is what the kids took away. Yes, they were certainly entitled but that was won with a heavy price.

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