Today’s Thoughts

How inappropriate is it when people friend you on Facebook and you never hear from them again? They stay out there like voyeurs, reading your status, eavesdropping on your comments, and looking at your latest pictures.

Your first inclination is to touch basis with these people by leaving something on their wall. Maybe they didn’t get your confirmation and they don’t know you’re now friends. “How’ve you been?” you post. “It’s good to hear from you.”

But they just ignore it. Now it’s commonly agreed that FB is an excellent conduit for reconnecting with friends and family, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else that’s out there today, but I didn’t ask to friend these people. Some of them I didn’t even know that well.

I’ve said the same thing about this very blog. Since I began, I’ve asked friends to visit, and leave me a comment. Just something to let me know they’re out there. Guess what? Nothing.

Lately, I’d stopped posting altogether. What was the point, I thought? I have a beautiful garden outside my back door that always needs tending, and I could certainly spend more time at the gym. This blog, if done correctly, requires a lot of my time. Why am I doing it if nobody’s reading it?

The answer I discovered is this blog is for me. Nobody can validate my thoughts and feelings except me. I’ve seen friends on Facebook turn around and comment on their own status when nobody else responded. Yet ever since I started both, all I’ve done is expect people to comment.

What is my comment? It’s the only one that really counts. To the seven people who follow me daily, (and I don’t even know who you are) I owe you all apologies for wishing you were greater in numbers, and for feeling like it wasn’t worth writing for just seven. I’m sorry.

So, I am gearing up and I’m going to continue to write and speak to the seven loyal readers that I have garnered so far. It is a privilege to have seven friends to talk to each day. Everyone doesn’t have that.

One day I know that one of you seven will speak back to me. When I have earned your trust and when I have hit upon a topic that resonates, you will be positively dying to respond.

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