Nissan 370Z

Sports car marketing is geared toward men, so picking the best sports cars for women can be tough, according to the New York Daily News. This month, they’ve selected the Nissan 370Z based on its beauty, “athletic” handling, and affordability.

A lot of ladies are planning their next sports car purchase. These cars are no longer the exclusive property of men. Women are loving everything about these high-performance machines, and for all of you ladies out there, here are the three best sports cars for women.
Top Pick in Best Sports Cars for Women – Nissan 370Z
The Nissan 370Z is a pure stunner, but that’s not it’s only draw. Reviewers call the Z’s handling “athletic”. Consider it if you like being very involved in your driving experience. For the financially savvy, you’ll be happy to know that the Z is an excellent value and more affordable than comparable performers in its class.


First Runner-Up in Best Sports Cars for Women – Audi TT
One reviewer said, “The thing I love so much about the Audi TT is that it’s a sports car, but it isn’t a screamer. It’s not a vroom vroom, kick-up-the-dust kind of sports car, it’s more refined. It’s exactly the kind of car I see a confident, high-powered executive slipping into after a long day of work, her heels matching the exterior paint job.”

The Audi TT is curvy and sleek, and, according to reviewers, has one of the most upscale and plush interiors in its class. It is one of very few sports cars that comes equipped with all-wheel drive. If you need a well-rounded sports car that looks as good as it acts, the TT gets a solid spot on the best sports cars for women list.


Second Runner-Up in Best Sports Cars for Women – Hyundai Genesis Coupe
The Genesis starts at an affordable price point, ensuring that we can all envision ourselves owning it wherever our final destination might be. Its array of standard features is also impressive. The Hyundai Genesis Coupe offers some pretty good options, but cost a little more than its competitors. One option is the V6 engine that provides that extra punch of power you need to run with the big dogs.

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