What I’m Grateful for!

woman w:BibleWhile there are still things I want, as I look around this morning, here are ten things I’m so-o-o grateful for (and not in this order):

A hot shower.
A steaming cup of coffee.
The sun streaming in through my garden window.
No calls in the middle of the night last night.
All of my monthly bills paid on time this month.
A trip to Costco means as much to me as shopping on Rodeo Drive does to someone else.
That I feel pretty good today and my stuffy nose is almost back to normal.
(I forget how awful a cold can make me feel.)
That I had $100 to loan someone in need.
That my neighbor brought over a homemade pound cake for no reason (delicious).
That though I’m retired, I still get a call or two each week from a friend or colleague.
That about half of my facebook friends said “Happy Birthday” to me.
That I’ve been given another chance to do it over and get it right, starting today.

What are you grateful for?

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