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Are You Writing After the Story Has Been Told?

I’ve begun the task of preparing my story for publishing. Quite honestly, I’m a little tired of my characters, and I’m no longer interested in returning to their neighborhood.

Now I must begin the job of extricating myself from them! That means editing without any conscious or feelings for those guys. We have broken up! I have a new interest and no matter how sexy, bewitching, or dangerous those characters were, it’s over!

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Gardens in My Neighborhood

Want to see some beautiful photographs of my neighbors yards? Forget about a theme or a focus today, this blog ought to be just what it is-a format for me to write about whatever takes my fancy. This morning, I took my camera with me on my regular morning walk (well regular since yesterday when I decided that I was just “too darn big”).

In, But Not Of! What is Worldliness?

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I don’t think I became aware of the dreaded ‘world’ until my teens. I knew that I couldn’t be hugged up in the corner with boys at blue light parties. I couldn’t sip out of the bottle they were passing. I couldn’t keep the ten dollar bill that I’d seen the old man drop even if my friends did think I was a fool to give it back. My mother hadn’t raised me like that and Sunday School had taught me that those things were wrong.

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All Hats Off to Mom on Mother’s Day!

I remember Mother’s Day from wa-a-ay back in the day when all of the women in the church would dress up and then set it off in hats, fur stoles, and high heels. Their looks were mesmerizing and as eye-catching as any Hollywood movie star’s. Easter was for the children, but Mother’s Day was a woman’s day to shine. I remember the famous, frothy, ice cold frappes served at the Mother’s Day Teas and the Fashion Shows put on with clothes supplied by Evans and Fashion Plate clothiers.

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Spring is Bloomacious!

[cincopa AkDA_mquhUpP] Reprint from 4/2010: Reminder of what is to come Spring is …

More Love, More Joy, More Money!

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Today, I see so many people I love in need, not of the basics, but of those extraneous things that we all crave. More love, money, friendship, a better lifestyle, and increased favor are things that most people could use. Blessedly, God has promised us all of those particular things if we have sown those particular seeds! You may have to go out of your way to be helpful and friendly to the boss or the co-worker that you secretly despise. You may have to make the effort to support a friend’s endeavor even if you’re too tired.

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What Would You Get Rid of if Tomorrow Wasn’t Promised?

Hanging in my closets are precious and highly prized business suits, crisp blouses and shirts, high heels, and leather handbags. I keep waiting for the perfect person to give them to, and I can’t accept that nobody wants this junk. After I am gone, my daughters will have the daunting task of culling through this junk to either give it away or toss it out. I’ve had to do the same task a few times and I know where of I speak.
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Enjoy Your Joe!

Coffee is the best thing that has ever happened to me in the mornings. Some of you love tea the same way and so I grant you this right, also. In fact there is nothing we love that any other person has the right to declare wrong for us. Over the years I’ve seen battles waged against chocolate, eggs, red meat, and other products

Fall Decorating on a Dime

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I am especially in love with this article I found on the Houzz website. The ideas I love most are: 1.) Give an old quilt a new purpose; 2.) Display fall gourds the elegant way; and 3.) Paint your front door. Ideas one and two (Houzz’s 1 and 4) are especially easy and inexpensive. We all have an ancient quilt languishing in the hall closet or the basement storage area. The gourds can be purchased from the produce department of the local grocery store. Okay, Boomacious fans, hop to it!

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