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What I Know for Sure . . . So Far

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At this tender age of 31, I have finally come to a place of love and acceptance of myself. I have learned that I am going to be stuck with me for a long doggone time so I no longer need anyone but myself to validate me. I’m a single mother now and that raises a lot of questions in my head. Am I a good example to my daughter? Did I try hard enough with her father? Do I give her what she needs? Depending on the time I ask these questions, I may give myself a different answer. All I know is that at any given moment, I am giving my child, myself, and the world the best that I have to give.

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Boomacious Fashions!

Who wants to be the designer to the Boomers? I was able to cull out a few trends that will work for the Boomacious as we strive to remain relevant in a society that still doesn’t get it. Boomers have more disposable income than any generation and maybe we’d spend some of it if we could find a pair of comfortable shoes!

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If The Shoe Fits!

Nobody loves a pretty shoe more than me. If I were ten years younger or 40 pounds lighter, I’d own a pair of three and a half inch Christian Louboutins in a heartbeat. This week I ran across a boot and a trio of high heels that appear appealingly comfortable. I’ve supplied their information and prices for your perusal. Let me know what you think about these. I’d be glad to run a photo of you in your favorite shoe. Please email your photo to lynn@thewildchild.com

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