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Want a Margherita Pizza?

No this isn’t a food blog, but you never know what will move you to write. Margherita Pizza may show up in one of my future plots. You never know. Together with an ice cold bottle of beer, Margherita pizza has to be one of the best tasting pizzas I’ve eaten and I’m a card-carrying, sausage lover. Since then it has become a frozen pizza staple in my freezer. it’s Marinara sauce, flavored with garlic and oregano, the mozzarella, fresh basil, and tomatoes are to die for. Because it lacks animal fat, it’s easier to appreciate the other flavors.

It’s Wedding Bells!

My youngest daughter is engaged to be married next Spring. We are fond of her fiance and know that the two of them love each other and will be very happy together. As a mother, I had always hoped for…

Author Stevie A. Turner, You Deserve RRBC’s Pay it Forward Day

Stevie A. Turner, you’re Rave Reviews Book Club’s Pay It Forward author in the Bethany Turner PIF campaign. I’m honored to celebrate your burgeoning career as an outstanding storyteller and chronicler of life.

We’re also glad that Author Stevie Turner won an inter-schools’ writing competition in 1969. Winning that contest for her entry, entitled ‘My Pet’, early in her writing life is the reason she’s so prolific today.

Stevie Turner’s love affair with words and writing has continued throughout her life and now, in what she calls, “the late summer of my life”, the words are tumbling out of her head. Stevie has the time and she has the experiences that have supplied her with a wealth of subject matter to write about.

Do you Cleanup for the Cleaning Ladies?

This morning, Supermaids saw the real me. I ran ahead of the two women while they were taking off their shoes and hanging up their coats. They lagged behind, talking in Spanish and eyeballing.

“Look at the clutter. I bet she didn’t know we were coming.” Then laughter.
Well, I don’t speak Spanish, so I don’t really know what they were saying. I’m just imagining what I and a friend might have said.

Gardens in My Neighborhood

Want to see some beautiful photographs of my neighbors yards? Forget about a theme or a focus today, this blog ought to be just what it is-a format for me to write about whatever takes my fancy. This morning, I took my camera with me on my regular morning walk (well regular since yesterday when I decided that I was just “too darn big”).

In the words of Gilda Radner, “Goodbye Baba Wawa!

Comedian Gilda Radner, one of the original “Not Ready for Prime Time Players”, was one of the first to stun America with her parody of Barbara Walters. We were already applauding the political irreverence of the new show, but when Gilda took on this icon and turned her speech into a joke it was beyond believable. In her skits, Gilda portrayed Barbara as a big haired, boastful newswoman who couldn’t pronounce the letter “R”.