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Want a Margherita Pizza?

No this isn’t a food blog, but you never know what will move you to write. Margherita Pizza may show up in one of my future plots. You never know. Together with an ice cold bottle of beer, Margherita pizza has to be one of the best tasting pizzas I’ve eaten and I’m a card-carrying, sausage lover. Since then it has become a frozen pizza staple in my freezer. it’s Marinara sauce, flavored with garlic and oregano, the mozzarella, fresh basil, and tomatoes are to die for. Because it lacks animal fat, it’s easier to appreciate the other flavors.

Do you Cleanup for the Cleaning Ladies?

This morning, Supermaids saw the real me. I ran ahead of the two women while they were taking off their shoes and hanging up their coats. They lagged behind, talking in Spanish and eyeballing.

“Look at the clutter. I bet she didn’t know we were coming.” Then laughter.
Well, I don’t speak Spanish, so I don’t really know what they were saying. I’m just imagining what I and a friend might have said.

Gardens in My Neighborhood

Want to see some beautiful photographs of my neighbors yards? Forget about a theme or a focus today, this blog ought to be just what it is-a format for me to write about whatever takes my fancy. This morning, I took my camera with me on my regular morning walk (well regular since yesterday when I decided that I was just “too darn big”).

Spring is Bloomacious!

[cincopa AkDA_mquhUpP] Reprint from 4/2010: Reminder of what is to come Spring is in the air and I am feeling Bloomacious! I just got back from Montego Bay, Jamaica to find that my spring garden has been showing out! In…

Enjoy Your Joe!

Coffee is the best thing that has ever happened to me in the mornings. Some of you love tea the same way and so I grant you this right, also. In fact there is nothing we love that any other person has the right to declare wrong for us. Over the years I’ve seen battles waged against chocolate, eggs, red meat, and other products

Fall Decorating on a Dime

I am especially in love with this article I found on the Houzz website. The ideas I love most are: 1.) Give an old quilt a new purpose; 2.) Display fall gourds the elegant way; and 3.) Paint your front door. Ideas one and two (Houzz’s 1 and 4) are especially easy and inexpensive. We all have an ancient quilt languishing in the hall closet or the basement storage area. The gourds can be purchased from the produce department of the local grocery store. Okay, Boomacious fans, hop to it!

When Did You Fall in Love With Hip-hop?

Yesterday’s passing of Heavy D made me ponder that question. I fell in love with hip-hop because it’s hard not to love an art form that literally saved thousands of children. My early career saw the beginning of teen on teen murders for starter jackets and gym shoes. My students were the first to be killed in senseless gang initiation murders. Consequently, even those students who would never make it out of the ghetto could sing along with an art form that resonated and told stories of their lives.

My First 45 Recording

The first 45 I ever bought was “Shop Around”, by the Miracles. “Who’s Lovin’ You” was on the reverse side. Since my father’s turntable was designed for 33 1/3’s, I had to buy the yellow plug that snapped into the middle of a forty-five to make it fit the