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74 Year Old Body Builder with the Body of a 20 Year Old

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I am on my way to the gym this morning! Not that it has anything to do with a New Year’s Resolution. As my body gets older and the joints get tighter, I need to move it around in order to keep things working. Also, as a retiree, I need to get up and get moving. It is so easy to sit in my comforttable chair and watch the news, or read, or surf the net.

This morning, I’m reposting an article about 74 year old Ernestine Sheperd. This amazing woman didn’t even begin working out until she was 56. Now, she is winning body building championships, modeling, and teaching fitness. The bible teaches, “We can do all things through Christ”. I hope this inspires you, too.

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Paul L. Dunbar’s “The Party” Still Sounds Good

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The first time I heard “The Party”, by Paul Laurence Dunbar, was in 1990 at my former high school’s Hall of Fame Induction. The poem was recited by Ms. Eunita Rushing, an alumna of the school, whom I had not known as such an orator. Though we honored Bernard Shaw, Reuben Cannon, Mr. T., and Lou Rawls that night, the true hit was Mr. Dunbar himself through Ms. Rushing.

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Colored People’s Time

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Four female members of the U.S. Congress had to be mechanically added to the official photo marking the first day of the 113th Congress. If you peruse the photo, it appears that three of the late arrivals are African American. That’s them on the top steps above the others. Don’t numbers one, three and four appear to be sisters? This brings me to the conclusion that Colored People’s Time may have entered into the equation. I’m just sayin’.

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Today I worked out on the treadmill for the third time this week since I decided to resume the exercise I abandoned in November. I also joined a weight loss organization (for the last time) this fall and as of last week, I’ve lost a total of 16 pounds. Thanksgiving and Christmas are tough times to count calories and consequently I managed to lose nothing, but, on the other hand, I only regained one and a half pounds.

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Baby Boomers Newest Facelift Patients

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Evidently, women are not alone. Male baby boomers, according to stats, are getting more plastic surgery, too. Statistics reveal that male facelifts went up 14 percent in 2010. Facelifts are now the fastest growing male cosmetic procedure. Other surgeries that baby boomer men are requesting include ear surgery, liposuction, breast reduction, eyelid surgery, dermabrasion, and laser hair removal. These statistics are from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Gone are the days when only male movie stars sought plastic surgery. Dr, Stephen Baker, a plastic surgeon in Washington, D.C. says “it’s the average guy who wants to look as good as he feels.”

Dr, Tenley Lawton sees the trend of baby boomers seeking plastic surgery as the fuel that continues to grow her practice.

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Top 10 Myths About Baby Boomers

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Interesting revelations surfaced when NBC’s Matt Lauer met with the AARP’s Mark Kitchen to dispel general myths about today’s 77 million Baby Boomers. Revelations include, baby boomers are staying engaged in life with many boomers involved in up to ten different activities.

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Diving In!

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On different occasions have people mixed you up with someone else? Do they say there’s someone out there who looks just like you? Or someone who talks and acts just like you. When you see the other person, there’s a slight resemblance, but it’s not the you-you know. The other person is not as attractive or is more attractive than you think you are. Their conversation is waaaay more outlandish than you think yours is.

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