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In, But Not Of! What is Worldliness?

I don’t think I became aware of the dreaded ‘world’ until my teens. I knew that I couldn’t be hugged up in the corner with boys at blue light parties. I couldn’t sip out of the bottle they were passing. I couldn’t keep the ten dollar bill that I’d seen the old man drop even if my friends did think I was a fool to give it back. My mother hadn’t raised me like that and Sunday School had taught me that those things were wrong.


In the words of Gilda Radner, “Goodbye Baba Wawa!

Comedian Gilda Radner, one of the original “Not Ready for Prime Time Players”, was one of the first to stun America with her parody of Barbara Walters. We were already applauding the political irreverence of the new show, but when Gilda took on this icon and turned her speech into a joke it was beyond believable. In her skits, Gilda portrayed Barbara as a big haired, boastful newswoman who couldn’t pronounce the letter “R”.

My Favorite Things

All Hats Off to Mom on Mother’s Day!

I remember Mother’s Day from wa-a-ay back in the day when all of the women in the church would dress up and then set it off in hats, fur stoles, and high heels. Their looks were mesmerizing and as eye-catching as any Hollywood movie star’s. Easter was for the children, but Mother’s Day was a woman’s day to shine. I remember the famous, frothy, ice cold frappes served at the Mother’s Day Teas and the Fashion Shows put on with clothes supplied by Evans and Fashion Plate clothiers.