OSM “Don’t Ask My Neighbors”

As a youngster active in a Southside Chicago choir, our choir exchanged visits with a lot of Chicagoland church choirs . Every second Sunday of each month, our choir held a program that featured the individual talents of choir members. Anybody who had the courage to sing in front of an audience, which usually consisted of our entire church congregation, was welcomed.

Occasionally we would invite other choirs, groups, or soloists to appear on what we called The Vesper Hour. The Hutchinson Sunbeams was one such group. These four young girls, accompanied by their father, Joseph Hutchinson, on guitar, were talented gospel singers who delighted our audiences and inspired other youngsters to follow our passions.

In 1968 The Hutchinson Sunbeams changed their names to The Emotions and released their first secular album, entitled “So I Can Love You”. Despite this, I never lost my love for them nor my appreciation of their blended harmony.

The Emotions recorded more than eleven albums, including one produced by Earth, Wind, and Fire. Later they rejoined Earth, Wind and Fire to record a Top Ten hit-1979’s, “Boogie Wonderland”.

Please enjoy Jeanette, Wanda, Pamela, and Sheila Hutchinson as I feature two my favorite songs, a 1977 release, “Don’t Ask My Neighbors” and the 1976 hit, “Flowers”.

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