SHOES, Fashion Week’s “over the top” Selections

If you love shoes, The New York Times captured what can only be described as shoe eye-candy! “Over the top shoes took the center stage last week and guess what? They weren’t on the runway. Times photographer, Bill Cunningham, photographs fashionable people and the passing fashion scene on the streets of Manhattan everyday.

Watch here as he photographs women arriving at the New York Fashion Week shows this week, wearing what he describes as “over the top shoes”.


Youngest Black Baby Boomer, Michael Jordan, Turns 50 Sunday

One of our youngest baby boomers turns 50 Sunday and I hear he’s not taking it well. Seems superstar Michael Jordan’s camp is cracking the AARP jokes and M.J. is not having it. ESPN Sports writer, Wright Thompson, said the conversation is going a little like this, “Hey Mike have you heard of AARP?”  Mike’s response, “No. Have you heard of pink slips?”

It is only fitting that I, as an older Baby Boomer, stop to pay tribute to His Airness, Michael Jordan, for what he did for the city of Chicago and for basketball.

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Diving In

Do you bake the best cakes or pies in your family? Can you design everything from muu-muus to wedding dresses? Do you write great poems or tell great stories? Can you add up figures in your head faster than anyone else? “Then do the math!” That”s the talent God has given you. How you choose to make it work is up to you.

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Rosa Parks As Much Malcolm X as Martin Luther King, Jr.

On this Black History day, new book, “The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks,” by Jeanne Theoharis, a Brooklyn College professor shows Rosa Parks as much Malcolm X as she was Martin Luther King Jr.

The book, reviewed by New York Times writer, Charles M. Blow is on my list of books to read this month.

In the book, Rosa Parks states in her own words, “I had felt for a long time, that if I was ever told to get up so a white person could sit, I would refuse to do so.”

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2013 NAACP Image Awards Doesn’t Disappoint

“Scandal’s” Kerry Washington, exchanged a long embrace with her Scandal co-star, President Fitzgerald Grant, played by actor Tony Goldwyn, as he presented her with the best actress in a drama award last night at the NAACP 44th Annual Image Awards. This caused the females in the audience to cheer, and that wasn’t the only great moment.

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Let’s Deglamorize D’Jango for Black History Month

It’s a cinch that hundreds of thousands of teens have seen D’Jango, the fictionalized account of slavery, and have begun to glamourize Jamie Foxx’s character. Therefore, D’Jango seems like a good place to start the conversation with black children about Black History month. Let’s begin the discussion with, there were no D’Jango actions back then that didn’t go unpunished.