“Diving In” with Common and Harry Belafonte

As I write this, it is Wed., Nov. 3rd and the election results are in. On Facebook and on my email accounts, people are disheartened. “Why,” they ask, “would Americans vote for the very people who put us in this mess.”

Those who voted Republican attempted to explain to news reporters that they wanted to send a message to President Obama. The message was clear! You are not like us and we will cut off our noses to spite our faces before we’ll be led by you.

Otherwise, in my opinion, the real message had been sent to George Bush two years ago. The members of the House and Senate who ignored that message should have been ousted this time-not rewarded.

The Tea Party should have been shut down in its early stages, and not allowed to run loose. However their usefulness in exciting fear, panic, and racial bigotry was too tempting. Now, they have run amuck. So much so that nothing else may get done during President Obama’s term and people will remember that health care was all he managed to accomplish.

So, I turn to an interview Ebony magazine did with Common and Harry Belafonte. The very essence of the interview exemplifies my hope for the future-that generations will come together to ask, “What can I do?”

“Where do the youth go?” Common asks of Mr. Belafonte. and Harry answers, “Until we reclaim ourselves and let that reclamation fulfill its mission, it’s going to be hard to talk about where to go.”

Watch these two very handsome and distinguished gentlemen of color as they interact together. It is heartwarming.

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