Month: November 2011

Big Brother is Lurking

Wake up! Get that coffee or tea and listen to this! I’ve just had my Big Brother wake up call. You will not receive tweets, emails, linkedin’s or facebook posts from me dissing rich, famous people with big, big staffs anymore. Then again…..

I’m referring to the poor high school senior from Kansas, Emma Sullivan, who was spotlighted in the news this week due to her politically conscious attempt to tweet about something grownup instead of Justin Bieber and Breaking Dawn. The child’s tweet was censored by the office of the Governor of Kansas and she was called into the principal’s office for discipline.

Come On Pentatonix “Let’s Get It On”

Pentatonix won my heart during the Rhythm and Blues competition, Nov. 14.
This multitalented 5 member group from Arlington, Texas had the nerve to sing Marvin Gaye. I never… I …never would have thought a white boy could ever, ever do Marvin justice. Well shut my mouth!

Diving Into Life!

REPOST I make lists about twice a year, and when I’m attending church regularly, I place them on the alter. When I’m on hiatus, I sing and pray over the lists myself. These lists contain whatever it is I desire.…

Kirk Franklin’s Superstar Tribute to Haiti

Kirk Franklin gathered an ensemble of gospel superstars to perform his original composition, “Are You Listening”. Yolanda Adams, Jeremy Camp, Shirley Caesar, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Natalie Grant, Fred Hammond, Tamela Mann, David Mann, Mary Mary, Donnie McClurkin, Bishop Paul S. Morton, J. Moss, Smokie Norful, Marvin Sapp…

In Time

In a future where time is literally money and aging stops at 25, the only way to stay alive is to earn, steal, or inherit more time. Will Salas, Justin Timberlake, lives minute-to-minute

New Breakthrough in Heart Disease

A breakthrough in the treatment of heart disease causes stem cell regeneration of heart cells using cells from the patients own heart. Dr. Eduardo Marban, Director of Cedars Sinai Heart Institute, coaxed tissue from a patients own heart, and discovered the stem cells manufactured hundreds of healthy, new heart cells.

Ken Milles, stem cell test patient, says it was like receiving a “magic pill” that has given him a stronger heart beat and he feels great. Dr. Marban says studies show scarring on Milles’ heart tissue cleared by 50% and his heart looks normal again. Damaged muscle was replaced by new, healthy heart tissue.

Diving In “Made in America”

Made in America

ABC World News anchor, Diane Sawyer ended her program the night after the President’s State of the Union Address with a reminder to,”Stay tuned, we will do this together.”