Spark Modern Fires,announces a totally new direct vent “slim” fireplace designed to hang on the wall. This striking new 46” X 12” fireplace provides substantial visual impact; while its depth of only 8” presents an exceptionally lean profile. Called the Direct Vent Slim 46”, this new fireplace saves Baby Boomers space, time, and cost of installation. Just vent through an outside wall or the roof, hang it—and enjoy. As a hanging unit, it does not require extensive cut outs or framing. In addition to its attractive size, this innovative fireplace offers a fully programmable, thermostatic remote to allow lighting and control from anywhere in the room. Baby Boomer women now have unprecedented options to locate a fireplace where one could not go before, adding warmth and beauty of “firescape art” to almost any room.

A fireplace is one of the most important essentials when living in extremely cold places. But what about a fireplace that can be taken wherever you go? The Eclypsya fireplace is a mobile fireplace designed by Benjamin Mesnard. This circular and elegant fireplace, with glass on both sides, provides warmth from every angle.

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